Friday, May 16, 2014

Project 50 Pan: 36 - 40!

My shower recess looks like a pharmacy shelf at the current moment. The prehospital period of stress also triggered an almighty breakout across my chest and back (I don’t break out on my face like normal people, oh nooo), so I've been trying not to aggravate anything further. My small patches of scalp psoriasis likewise flared up in response to stress, which I haven’t had to do anything to for years, so I've dialed back all the nice smelling ritzy shampoos and am back on the pharmacy wheel.

Dermaveen’s Oatmeal Shampoo smells like oatmeal, surprise surprise. It lathers up quite well considering it doesn’t have any of the standard foaming agents, and though it’s only intended as a hypoallergenic and ultra-sensitive product, it also takes the fire out of my scalp, stops it itching and doesn't aggravate anything else if it drips all over me. I am well pleased with this development. It sits in my shower next to my mighty litre of Dermaveen Soap Free Wash, which is my all purpose makeup remover, shave lubricant and body wash. This has compelled me to investigate the line a bit further, though the Oatmeal Conditioner will have to wait - I have enough hair conditioning treatments lined up to see me through til Armageddon.

Elsewhere I’m trying a new tactic with moisturizing (thus the three bottles of body oil), based on advice from the effervescent and endlessly entertaining Grace Bellavue (NSFW - she’s a sex worker, it’s a professional twitter account), who has some experience with excessive showering and subsequent skin dry out. She recommended turning off the shower, liberally applying oil while still wet, toweling off the excess and away you go. You should follow Grace, by the way, she’s a fount of wisdom and boobs.

ECO Aroma is a brand I haven’t met before, though I’m positively inclined to both pomegranate and argan oil. It’s a very small bottle (95 ml), which is a shame when it’s a product intended for full body use. I would kill for a big container. I would happily double the price for a double-sized vial. I hope they consider this soon, because body treatments probably shouldn't be in such a dainty size.
My skin has stayed healthy-hydrated for longer than usual, and it doesn't give me the overheating greenhouse-effect that body lotion tends to. It smells lovely, but the smell doesn't linger long. What it did do was amazing things for my nails. My cuticles sort of just - disappeared. I don’t entirely understand this witchcraft, but I enjoyed it nonetheless (oh - and I've just seen this line appearing at Target! Go smell it, eez good). 

POME Skin and Hair Wonder Serum smells very similar to the ECO oil owing to that central note. It's an oilier oil, though, and takes longer to dry. I enjoyed this one a lot, though i have a quibble with the pump on the bottle. It's not very strong, and if you're oily handed and manage to send the central bit pinging all over the shower recess, it's both frustrating and time consuming to a.) pick it up and b.) fit it back into the lid, all of which naked and covered in oil. I can think of better hobbies. 

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo I've been using for a while now, and it's pretty much alongside the original Klorane in terms of preferences. I know lots of people like the Batiste ones, but I can't bear the scents! I've tried, oh god I've tried. Anyhow, the LSDS has a generic clean smell and a powerful aerosol on it, and it dries into the hair really fast. And it's cheap. Until otherwise superseded, this is where it's at for me. 

Chocomania Beautifying oil has the most gorgeous delicious smell ever, which kills me since it was limited edition and now it's GONE, how could they do this to me. I've had a half full bottle floating around for a while, and faced with my sudden enthusiasm for body oiling ("boiling", for short?) it didn't last long. This was lovely to put on straight out of a hot shower on a winters night. Like wallowing in a hot chocolate. 

So yep - this is currently how I’m rolling. All the fancy colors and perfumes are on hiatus until things behave themselves again. With the exception of my new perfume, which is all lollipops and rainbows and delightful things and I’ll not hear a word against it.

(The ECO Argan body oil was provided for review)

P.S. Yes, posting has been sporadic. There has been Reasons. If you're pining for my dazzling wit, you can follow me at @HogSandwich while I get shiz sorted out on this end.


  1. Nice job - going to try using body oil out of the shower like that, my skin isn't super dry but extra softness can't hurt ;) Chocomania sounds amaaaazing

    1. totes. I'm quite literally dripping when I add the oil layer, makes it SO much easier to do a speedy layer. and yes, chocomania :( why they gotta do this to me

  2. The eco Argan Oil looks really nice. I have used ArganOil for my hair but never for my body.
    I have a GIVEAWAY that I think you may like.
    Renee x

  3. No more Chocomania! I am so sad about that. Now I'll have to start hoarding my bottle of it.