Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Luckyscent sample order!

I think I found Luckyscents when I was looking for the Tilda Swinton perfume, and then discovered to my sheer delight that you can buy $5 (roughly) samplers of the majority of their stock - and believe me, you aren't going to find most of these lines on Strawberrynet. There is some absolute batshit insanity here.

Etat Libre d'Orange - Tilda Swinton, Like This : Starts off very sweet and floral, which surprised me a little, but the drydown goes into honey liquer territory and stays there. Smells like summer and dusky evenings. Verrrr nice, I'd half been expecting something really balls out and weird.

The Different Company - Tokyo Bloom: Peppery and humid, and yes, i'm steadily getting more obtuse as this post rolls on. It actually reminds me of Escentric Molecules a bit. Have you ever ground cracked pepper onto fresh lettuce? This is what it smells like. Really really nice, Would be a great day alternative to EM.

Blood Concept - O: I'm an O positive, so I went for this one...? I know very little about this brand, and quite frankly I'm hoping I'll love it so I can buy the ultra amazing full size, which looks like one of the canisters they store Kryptonite in under grade A security.
And Aargh oh god it is the weirdest perfume ever. It smells like dust and decaying fruit and centuries-old tobacco stains. It's not bad, per se, but it is not a scent you would/should apply to yourself intentionally. Hang on, I got it - this is what Tywin Lannister smells like. Money and contempt.

People of the Labyrinth - Amaze: I get it! Amaze! A - maze! Labyrinth! Nice work bros.
This one is strong. Sort of - cherry concentrate but not sweet, though it loosens up into something more palatable. I can see you making enemies if you wore it in a crowded office, though.

Serge Lutens - Un Bois Vanille: Okay. Okay you guys. I get it now. I smell like baking cupcakes!

The Beautiful Mind Series - Intelligence and Fantasy: Very incensey but kinda sweet and girlish. It keeps twisting in with the O scent and it is doing my head in.

By Kilian - Love: Oh man - this is gorgeous. it's like a cocktail built around a faint scent of musk sticks and bourbon vanilla. It's sweet and understated and quite daywearish, and probably the most potentially mature sweetness I've met. Very nice. Will further investigate this one!

Penhaligon - Amaranthine: This is wonderfully soapy. smells like a beautifully clean linen cupboard at your grandmothers, all creamy florals and lavender sachets and hot baths. Loverly.

Penhaligon - Peoneve: I think this is the first time I've met a peony scent while knowing that that is what it is. I think it sits quite close to Amaranthine, a similarly "old" scent but with a slight bitterness that's sorta lemony. Smells like an ultra cool grandma.

Penhaligon - Bluebell: Whoooooa. Full on bluebell. This is like picking one, crushing it and holding it immediately under your nose. It's quite solid though - not just the flower-scent, but the vegetable-ish stems, dewy moisture, dirt and sunlight. Whole deal. This one is almost Demeter-esque in it's devotion to that one central note.

Penhaligon - Elixir: This smells pretty much exactly like something called "Elixir" should smell. it's a bit liquorice and alcohol, very herbal and heady. It softens out to a more floral mix, but it's a more aggressive scent than the other Penhaligons.

Penhaligon - Endymion: This is a really fresh, marine scent. Sort of a wet garden smell, though its far lighter on the florals than most of the other Penhaligons. It loses a lot of the ocean scent as it dries, which is a pity - resulting scent is pretty unobtrusive and a bit forgettable.

Okaaay! I'd like to try another one of the Blood Concept line because by god I want one of those cannisters. I have a suspicion they might all be equally whatthechrist, but hey, I can talk myself into almost anything! 
Elsewhere I'm going to try a few more Kilians, and a few more ultra-niche ouds. I have a wishlist going on like you wouldn't believe. Do have a look at the site, a good 90% of their labels are ones I've never heard and it's fascinating!


  1. I love the idea of being able to try vials like this, very cool. I hardly ever use my vials though, unless they have a spray on them. I really want to try out Serge and see if it sits well on me...tempting, and love that last GIF lol

  2. I neeeeed that Un Bois Vanille.
    Also damn that Bluebell one sounds good.
    Oprah in the bath makes me giggle shamelessly.
    I was looking at the My Perfume Samples website, but I'm assuming this is better, or same same?

  3. What a great idea to offer little samples like that. And I didn't know Tilda Swinton had a perfume, she's always surprising.