Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This is my entire life in one image

(This is one of Kate Beaton's)

So I'm going into day surgery tomorrow to get my foot re-jiggered. It's always been a bit oddly shaped but now it needs some medical urging to make it operate in the way a foot should operate. I'm relatively unfazed by all this (as much as you can be), but I am very interested in the month following wherein I am housebound. So many books. So many movies. So much Franklin. Realistically I suspect I'll be bored out of my mind within a week. But that's not the point.

Now is the time to tell me that I'm an idiot if I don't read certain things or watch certain things or do certain things. I am open to suggestions, and I definitely have the time to try them ALL.


  1. Here are some of my favourite films: Mildred Pierce (the original 1945), The Lady Vanishes, On the Town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Arsenic and Old Lace.

    Good luck with your surgery and enjoy your time off! xoxo