Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project 50 Pan: 31 - 35! And newsflash: having feet is v. useful.

Empties first! Vegetables before dessert, if you could call my rambling complaining dessert which you almost certainly shouldn't.

Archipelago Botanicals Soy Lotion Milk - It's not empty, but I've had it for about two years now and it's starting to go goopy and weird. Massive bottle, well worth the $30 if you like the scent. Scent will not work for everyone (a "strong neutral" according to the girl who sold it to me) and I don't think this will cut it for those with really dry skin, but - pleasant.

Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Eye Treatment - This is great. Feels like a cold flannel across the eyes. Very light formula, and a little goes a long way. I tried the EA Millennium eye cream after the success of this, but it's far denser and I'm missing the Good Morning. Will be fetching more. And it's only $20 a tube, which is pretty crazy for eye cream, plus they're a Priceline brand so endless sales and stuff. All signs point to yes. 

Paul and Joe refill lipstick 105 - This is my first Paul and Joe experience, and sadly it didn't work out. The formula is lovely and the separate case and refill thing I am all cool with, but this particular lipstick could not tolerate Australian Summer. AS kicked it's arse. It melted, solidified, melted again, and I ended up giving up on it. I'm too enamored of P+J as a brand to give up on them, but I might try again when it's a good deal cooler. After all, I've got an empty lipstick case now.

Derma E - Psorzema Creme - I feel like I've spent a big chunk of my life talking about this particular product. Short answer - it's great, I'm on my fourth tub, get it from iHerb, you won't be disappointed.

Ego Sunsense - Pre tan scrub - This is really good! The texture is a sort of whipped cream type lather, absolutely loaded with walnut shell. It's not one of the ones that leaves an oil behind (which I see the pros and cons for), so if you like scrub to not be too intrusively perfumed and come off cleanly, this one is worth a try. Because walnut shell doesn't melt, you'll need to be prepared to rinse your shower recess out afterwards, but that aside? Definitely repurchase. If I had any gripe it would be my standard it's-in-a-tube-therefore-it-is-TOO-SMALL thing.

I'm just coming up to two weeks of enforced homebody-ing, and I really did think it would be funner. There have been upsides - I've discovered how much I like coles online shopping - but for the most part it is difficult to be motivated to do anything at all. Since four weeks seems like such a unfeasibly long time, I have no sense of time left or the value of time remaining. And while I've always preferred my own company, I'm discovering that I prefer my own company in the general vicinity of someone else. While Frank has been an attentive and smelly nursemaid, I am starting to go rather stircrazy.

Somewhere in this mix I also turned 30 (!!). This hasn't sunken in and I'm quite happy for it not to. I feel, act and look the same (admittedly a paler and squinting variant of my normal self), so as far as I'm concerned, it's business as normal. Being housebound also handily removed any obligations to celebrate this event, and enabled a rather lovely set of visits by various family members. My little bro has been doubly useful in this time period, hanging out and discussing Game of Thrones theories with me and leaving behind hard drives worth of entertainment.

My wounded foot is a giant swollen parody of the unwounded one, but since the bandaging is pretty extensive I can only guess whats going on under there. The tips of my toes (the only things visible) are an amazing spectrum of pink and purple. I'll spare you photos.
While I didn't rate a moonboot, I did get equipped with a moon-sandal-type-thing, which with the intense bandaging underneath makes me look like I'm wearing one ultra HomyPed granny sandal with a sock underneath. The moon-sandal is ultra rigid and makes things like stairs a very timely indulgence. I have crutches, which are helpful and all, but my wrists are weak and pushing my weight down on a 90 degree angled wrist is uncomfortable to say the least. I can't really exercise or go anywhere, so I sit in my loungeroom, read, watch things, nap, then repeat the cycle.

Accordingly my sleep patterns are laughable at the moment, as evidenced by the fact that I'm writing this at 4am. Even on the days I refrain from sleeping during the day at all, I've expended 0 energy which leads to difficulties when sleeptime comes around.  And the lack of light probably plays into that. I think I went five days before I literally stepped out of the house to feel sunshine. Before wincing and creeping back into the darkness, but nonetheless.

Movies watched thus far:
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - eh, it was orright.
Black Beauty (1994) - I'm horsemad and this was my first viewing.  Great moments punctuated with uneasy "how did they make that horse so emaciated :( :(" moments.
Bridesmaids - This is sort of shit. I was expecting good things, could not get past how much I hated everyone.
Lovelace - I liked this, but it's a bit of a mess in terms of a narrative. Amanda Seyfried is glorious as always.
My Neighbor Totoro - Compulsory viewing. Beautiful.
Marie Antoinette - should have been a six page Vanity Fair spread, not a movie.
The Canyons - Terrible, terrible Lindsay Lohan + James Deen vehicle. The dialogue is Room-esque.
Crumb (documentary) - Difficult to watch. Plays out like a Wes Anderson.
Deep Blue Sea - Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston. Great performances, but I sort of feel like we're past the point where a whole movie can hang on the device of a failing romance.
Walk the Line - So good! So so good. Emmys and awards landed all over this one and for good reason.

Plus a stack of Blackadder, Qi, Good Game and some documentary about David Attenborough and Bjork.

(plus about six or seven rewatches of things I own. I really have to force myself to watch new things, I'm sort of afraid of them. I blame Pans Labyrinth for being entirely what I was not expecting and traumatizing me utterly)

Anyone who follows me on twitter will know I've been griping about Myer's online store, which I'm fixated on at the moment because I was gifted a very generous gift card from the ladies at work and Myer will Not. Let. Me. Spend. It. Going to a store is out of the question, so I'm reliant on the online store. Internet shopping is the light that keeps me going right now. I must use this damned gift card, or so help me god.
But it isn't just me, right? It's been nearly 12 days and the store only just came back up today (the entire Myer site, not just the online store I should note), and then encounters and error at checkout and empties your cart. OH COME ON. This is just mean, not to mention commercial suicide. Almost two weeks? If we needed a clear sign that all was not well in Myerland...

So yep. It's 7.00am and I should probably go eat something and go back to bed. Gotta keep my strength up for - you know - harassing Frank with my camera or something.


  1. Happy birthday!

    Having experienced both crutches and a moon boot, the boot is my choice BY FAR. Hope you're feeling better soon. Austenland is a fun movie to watch if you're into rom coms and Austen.

  2. Oh wow, two weeks is a long time for a whole site to be down! Happy belated birthday too!

  3. Well I'm very late to reply so I'm assuming you are healing nicely and no longer housebound.

    Happy Birthday!

    Did you manage to spend your Myers voucher?