Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reading Bingo!!

I don't really need to read more, per se, because I already read a lot. But I'd like to make myself step outside my comfort zone a bit, and also make more of an effort to write about what I read, since I generally emerge feeling like I have a better handle on it when I've reviewed it. I found this fun graphic on a tumblr somewhere and thought I'd transplant it:

Fun! So the rules are that I can't retroactively tick off any boxes, and I can't tick any that I haven't written a review/blog post about. So, for my first trick:

I reviewed Burial Rites, based on the execution of Agnes Magnusdottir and thus a true story. I could have ticked off Female Author, Different Continent, Blue Cover, Best-Selling, Heard About Online, and Under Thirty, but you only get one cross out, and I went with based on a true story. From hereon in, I'll be sticking this updated graphic at the end of each of my blog reviews. Woot!

Some of you might have noticed my beauty blogging lagging way behind - this is twofold. One - it's summer, I'm constantly overheated and sweaty and can't face photos of myself and Two - the photography lights I usually use have been out of action. I'm still writing em, don't you worry, but images have had to wait. All in good time, friends, all in good time.

So who's going to embark on some Reading Bingo with me?!?

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  1. Reading bingo seems so fun. But how do I get more time to read? *cries* One thing I really hate nowadays is taking the time to pick up a book and then realizing that I wasted my time on a book I loathe. Maybe I should go through your reviews first. I'm following your blog now! ♥