Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project 50 Pan: 21 - 25!

2014 everyone! We made it! I have not blogged much, for which I am unrepentant. December 2013 contained my sisters wedding, hens night, organisings, fittings, logistics, plus the busiest month at work simultaneously. I am, to put it delicately, completely fucked. And my legs still hurt from wearing heels for eight hours. YES I know I'm a damn baby, but I wasn't used to it. There will be photos and stuff soon, but not until the proper photos have emerged. And only after the Powers That Be have cleared the idea.

So EMPTIES. I don't do new years resolutions, but considering I've essentially abandoned the non-buying part of Project 50pan, I am renewing my resolve to not by extraneous crap. I have bags and boxes and cupboards full of stuff. Full. Of. Stuff. I would photo the extent of my hoarding if the idea didn't make me queasy.

Clean Face Oil-free BB Cream
I've talked so much about this, lordy. Short version: best BB cream for oily types. Little goes a long way, cheap and easy to find. I have two backups sitting nearby.

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (550ml)
This thing is fantastic. I think Liv Tyler recommended it in some magazine alongside saying she fully body moisturised twice a day. Seriously, who has the time. Regardless, this cream is light, smells of nothing and sinks into your skin really fast. It's $20 for a more than one litre tub and as far as body moisturisers go, I highly doubt you could top this one for value for money. I have purchased backups and sit poised for the next sale.

Aquacare HP
My GP suggested this to deal with the keratosis on my arms, and while it didn't do much for that (I think he thought the skin was raised lumps, which it wasn't) it is fantastic for slathering on your feet and walking around with socks on for a while. My feet turn into rubbery elephant hooves at the drop of the hat, and this stuff makes it easier to trim nails, cuticles, calluses, all that fun stuff. I managed to accidentally have two tubes of this going at the same time, so I'mma just keep rolling with the other.

The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin EDT
Now discontinued, sadly. Beautiful citrusy cocktail that's like dousing yourself in a Singapore Sling. I will miss it terribly. The BS's Indian Night Jasmine is vaguely reminiscent, but it doesn't pack quite the same punch, and I do really like the shape and size of the Neroli Jasmin. Compact and robust. Not that the new EDT shape isn't, but it's definitely designed more for sitting on a dressing table than rolling around in a handbag. Will be missed.

Lipstick Queen 15 minutes of fame - 11 Minutes
I've been nursing this gloss for ages. I picked it up on clearance at Kit and it's a constant source of disappointment that I didn't grab a second or third at the time. It's a sheer flattering gloss and goes on with a brush/roll-up clickpen type thing. I've been carrying it around for ages and almost all of the exterior markings are gone, and it is a sad, sad day. Sleep well, sweet prince.

So whats happening elsewhere? Priceline sales have been my undoing; I have a bloody great pile of products that I'm too intimidated to even look at. I will admit to now owning an embarrassing amount of Essence Beauty Beats products (otherwise known as the Bieber-line), but make no apologies for the five two-packs of hairties I now own - they are incredible. If you're a ponytailer you need some.

Elsewhere I have not one but THREE indie cosmetic lines to look at - ultra excited about that - a bunch of fragrance reviews and almost certainly some GIFs and navel gazing. Cripes, I can make anything sound appealing.

Hows 2014 shaping up for you? I've been largely mooching around, playing minecraft and iOS games and doing a sadly small amount of writing. The heat has not helped. At least my laundry is getting done...? I can't even try to dress that up as a silver lining.

In terms of the rest of this year...? I turn 30, which is something of a shock to both myself and everyone who even vaguely knows me. I want to go back to Singapore in the middle of the year, I want to start a podcast. Yep, that's pretty much it. It'd likely be a gaming podcast with female hosts/guests, since I still think that's ultra underrepresented. I probably have an unhealthy attachment to the sound of my own strangely-deep voice.

So what about you? What is 2014 earmarked as? I'm personally going to put more time and effort into working on and submitting writing to various places. I only started doing this mid last year, and it's a bit embarrassing how obvious it is that I should have been doing this years ago. Slow on the uptake, me.

It's also only just sunk in that I now have a brother in law. WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD. So weird.


  1. Haha I remember when I first realised I had a new brother in law - new family say whaaat? Now I have so many in laws lol. I love that Beauty Beats collection, totally wish it wasn't connected to Justin .... ><

  2. Erm I bought the pink lipgloss from this collection.