Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Campbell, Liz, Pevonia and some beautiful art

What I do with this site is profoundly un-groundbreaking. I faff around with smells and colors and textures and then wash it all off and forget about it, which might go some way to explaining why real artists tend to make me a bit self conscious. Easily one of the most profound Real Artist experiences I've had was meeting Campbell Whyte, a Perth artist and illustrator who Luke and I knew through our various friends in the comics community.

Beyond scaring the crap out of me with his general existence, Campbell has a fondness for pop culture referencing that feeds nicely into Luke+I’s general materialism, which is why we now have a happy little Whyte collection in the house.

(one of many)

Via Campbell we also encountered his glorious lady Liz Marruffo, equally epic on an artistic front, and Nazario, the little dude they made together. The three combine and power up like some kind of Art Voltron.

They are the epitome of artistic output and ultimately the kind of people who make me wish I’d spent more time in high school art instead of drawing Billy Corgan fanfic cartoons.

(It's Vanilla Ice and the amazing saxophone dude from The Lost Boys. You know - this one)

AGES ago (I want to say six months. Was it six months?) this genius family went on a huge worldwide trip that covered a chunk of the Americas and all manner of artistic endeavors. They bought clothing and decorations for their upcoming wedding, had little mariachi outfits made for Nazario, bought some glorious embroidered Mexican blankets, had bundles of sketches and notebooks and paints and pens and all manner of things. As you do with a trip that huge, they essentially brought everything they owned along with them.

And then, in San Francisco, it was all stolen. Campbell talks about this far more eloquently than I am over here.

Obviously this is a shitty thing to happen to anyone, but the specifics of this - half finished art works, wedding clothes, all of a little boys toys and clothing - just made it sort of worse. I can’t even imagine the logistical horror and sadness of having something like that tacked onto the end of what seemed like an idyllic and life changing trip.

In these kinds of situations it’s pretty natural to grasp around for how to help out in a way that’s as un-annoying as possible, and as far as I can tell people have really stepped up to the plate by buying a stack of commissions and donating (which is an epic option. Check out the above link for some awesome pop-culture art including Zelda, TMNT, Game of Thrones and about a million more. Do you have a nerd sibling? Batman commission. Done), but beyond buying a commission (which I did, totes excited) I suspected I might be able to possibly wrangle something.

To communicate the scope of what was lost, Campbell and Liz have been compiling a list of what they can remember was in their luggage. Along with all the heart breaking stuff - art works, toys, tourist pieces, are all the mundane things that you take while travelling, including Liz’s Pevonia products.
Anyone who has had to replace a WHOLE skincare regime knows that it’s a pretty big and expensive endeavor, even if the line isn't a high-high end one. So I wrote a long, rambling and very furtive email to Kanya, the very awesome PR at Pevonia, and asked if we could maybe arrange something and maybe we could do some cross promo and it’d be really cool maybe. Having not really tried that with a PR before, I was completely prepared to be politely turned down or ignored, but no!! Kanya got back to me, details were exchanged and sometime in the near future or near past, Liz will receive a care package from Pevonia with all the products she lost overseas, three overall.

So I’m a little bit thrilled that my stupid materialistic hobby actually put me in a position where I could annoy people into going and doing really wonderful things for people who deserve it. Thanks Kanya, and thank you Campbell for fielding my 100 questions, and Liz for being a babe.

Pevonia loves the arts. Good work, team.
So in that vein of things it seemed right and proper to attach a Pevonia product review to this, since it’s been on my to-do list for an embarrassingly long time, mostly because I had no particular quibble with it which makes it harder to write about. Oily ladies, gaze upon: the balancing mask.

This pint-sized wonder reminds me quite strongly of the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask - same color, same approximate smell. The main difference is in consistency. While the QHMJ is dense to the point of toothpaste, the Pevonia one is thinner and easier to shift around on the face. It's loaded with good things - kaolin and azulene, both glorious for oily sensitives like myself, plus carrot oil and vitamin B. The initial smell is quite chemical, though it eases off into something fruity and sweet.

Because it is a small container - 50ml, which is little for a face mask - I've been using this as a spot treatment. It seems the most effective for really oily open-wound type pimples (ew) - it dries up excess oil very fast and pulls a lot of the inflammation out. When you've hit that point of oozing, painful horror, this one is a big relief. The Pevonia applied is less likely to frighten the bejesus out of your postman, besides. It gives you a green tint while it's on your skin, as opposed to the QHMJ, which is the visual equivalent of a faceplant in a bowl of guacamole.

Pevonia Botanica is a salon line, so your options are online, or through a postcode search to see who's stocking it nearby. Via this I've discovered that the salon five minutes away from my house stocks it. Oh WELL then, obviously the powers that be are giving me a thumbs up.

And may I drive home the visible proof of Pevonia being pretty great? Observe:

Consider me sold.

I will reiterate that while I think Liz's work is accounted for for a while, Campbell is accepting commissions and his work is glorious. You should. You definitely should. 

Obvious disclaimers: All mentioned above. Face mask sent for consideration!
All art credits to Campbell Whyte and Elizabeth Marruffo.


  1. That is such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do! Liz is one of the most beautiful women I know (inside and out) so they must be good products :) I hope you post a photo of Campbell's painting when you get it!

    1. Hellooo Jess! Thank you - and yes, will definitely post images when I get them. Think it'll be a while, I know he's got a few to get through and I told him I wasn't in any hurry :)

  2. Amazing to hear of a brand doing a good deed - I now have Pevonia on my nice list for Christmas! That mask sounds awesome, I have the Queen Helene and a thinner version of that would be rad