Thursday, November 28, 2013

Project 50 Pan: 16 - 20!

Empties! I'm terrible at keeping on top of things, I've very nearly got my next five sorted.

Derma E Psorzema Creme
Yep, barrelled through another, holding off getting a replacement until after christmas so other products can get a look in. My skin has gone a touch berserk with the onset of hotter weather - my legs broke out in ultra itchy hives and only a series of cold showers and handfuls of this stuff brought me away from tearing off my skin in huge strips. No doubt made worse by the fact I've been Revitanailing recently and thus my nails are indestructible and slice me open when I go to itch something. Yes, I am currently a flaky itchy mess. Come at me boys.

Super Omega 3 Moisturizer
This is nice stuff, but it's really better for the colder months.When I use it on hot nights it kind of insulates my face and makes me all greasy and weird.Will likely fetch more once summer is over. Ugh, please make summer over.

Schwarzkopf Deep Nutrition Intensive Care Mask
Bit of a nothingness. Did it's job to no particular extremes of quality, not very memorable. Will switch back to Loreal Elvive at first opportunity.

Bioderma Sebium H2O
Yes, this is a sample size, but it's a sample size that is bigger than many of my full sized products. Hate the game and not the player, baby.
Before this was finished I was furiously ebaying a replacement (I know it's at Terry Whites and Priceline now, but I wanted the 500ml), and it's just grand. Gentle as anything, fast and effective, and has a tiny bit of chemical cooling. Love soaking some cotton pads in this and leaving them on my eyes for a while. This is my standard treatment when I'm in the middle of the day and feeling a bit grubby but don't want to over-wash my face.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
I have no idea what's going on with this thing. I did use it over a really long period, and the last of it - there's still a teaspoon or so inside - started to really irritate me. I think it's a heat thing as well, since this was great when it was cooler. Couldn't take the heat. Must be moved on.

So yes, skin-wise I'm in damage control. I don't so much break out as start looking like wasps are nesting in my face. I puff and swell and blotch up and it's all very attractive. In an attempt to keep on top of this, I've been using these at night:

I've come to terms with the fact that when it gets hot I have to give up on any facade of being an oily/combination and go straight for the sensitive stuff. Thus this is the first Toleriane I've used from La Roche Posay, and I've only had it for a week or so and I'm about 2/3rds through the tube, sadface. A big tube of this would be lovely. Applying it feels like sunscreen - it's just milky and runny and smells like exactly nothing, but it sinks in fast and cools my melon down and I approve.
Likewise this is the first Arden skincare I've ever used, and it's really lovely! It's got some chemical cooling, smells lightly minty and the next morning I inexplicably look a little less death-warmed-up. Couldn't really specify if it's a de-puffer or a de-pigmenter, it just makes my eyes look - better. Good reviewer, I am.
And - Trilogy. Likewise the first from the line I've tried. The glass bottle is lovely and hefty and the spray nozzle is brilliant. The nozzle is the great equaliser. A spray product is only as good as it's nozzle and this is one damn fine nozzle. You will understand my enthusiasm when you next pick this up and experimentally spray it. Which brings me to my next point - with a combo of rose, geranium, lavender and aloe vera (all smells I love) - you'd think it'd smell lovely. It doesn't. It smells godawful. These four scents Do Not Mix. You have been warned. I'm happy to put up with it since it's lovely and cooling, hydrates really well and plumps up my skin. It's a great product. With a great nozzle. But yep - the smell.

Elsewhere I've been prepping for my sisters wedding. I'm a bridesmaid, which is a personal first. Once the events over I'll talk about details, but in the interest of not drawing the ire of my family, I'm going to be a bit elusive about it on the blog. All you need to know at this stage is that the dress is actually really lovely (that never happens!) the bride is holding it together nicely and there has been no bloodletting as yet. 28th of December, this one. With an outdoor component. Remember those million times I've mentioned that I'm a horrible face-sweater? HO HO HO.


  1. first time being a bridesmaid is so much fun! I've done my fair share of that role over the years, can be good fun so I'm glad to hear bride isn't flipping out :) Love the sound of that Toleraine - I think my skin is needing sensitive skincare now too, so annoying ><