Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh my lawd, perfume swag

Special editions are rare, magical things, like unicorns or sea cows. They come into being and disappear again so fast it's like they were never there; and as a result I try to block it out and not get too invested. That way I can't get hurt when I inevitably don't manage to get my hands on one. I'm maybe having to revise this plan in view of this particular gem.

The Chloe Ally is a solid perfume in a silver locket on a chain. Simple, yes? But the perfume is Chloe and the design is sleek and lovely and uuurgh so pretty.

These bubs are retailing for $75 from Myer/DJs/ selected Chloe stockists. I want one. Now, preferably yesterday. I wonder if I wrote the ladies at Chloe some terrible Christmas limericks they'd agree to put one aside for me.

1 comment:

  1. Call them and put it on hold! So pretty, when it jumped into my inbox yesterday I was like yup, they've done it again. I love my Marc Jacobs Lola ring but my Mumma Bovary is a sucker for some Chloe, so tempted to grab her this for Christmas