Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Australis Paparazzi Perfect tinted moisturiser - oh, so close

As mentioned in an earlier post, I recently came into possession of a Chanel powder which I love the crap out of. And while it does relatively well on it's own, I really think it'll perform better with a liquid foundation underneath, or something approximating that.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect tinted moisturiser is very nearly made for this - it's a light, watery, soapy-scented pleasure to wear, and it glides on so beautifully. And it meshes with the powder really well - both elements do reasonably well on their own, but are not designed for full on coverage so when you slot them together they create a great balance between flawlessness and a natural finish. It has a perfectly shaped tube, and I find it a bit of a joy to having sitting around. So why doesn't it quite make it?

Paparazzi Perfect tinted moisturiser above, Paparazzi Perfect High Def Foundation below. 

Because the Welsh Curse has struck me down yet again - the palest shade, of the two shades, is too dark for me. Which is a huge shame because I love the formulation and how light and sheer it is. And I know Australis can get my skin tone, the Nude shade in the High Definition foundation fits me fine. If they'd chosen to made three or four colour options, I think I would have been okay, but as a Light/Medium? Nooo. I even thought I could get away with it for a bit, and in some lights I can, but all it took for me to admit defeat was sitting with the boyfriend in a Java Juice, and him looking warily at me and going "Um - you look a bit jaundiced."
So while the promotional material proudly tells us that the colour balancing aspect will always suit all complexions - not this one, sadly.

There's also a bit of a logistical issue with this one - it's a moisturiser primarily, but it doesn't have an SPF of any kind. Which begs the question when you should be applying the sunscreen, with this product? Before the tinted moisturiser (sunscreen before moisturiser??) or after the moisturiser, which surely would screw with the  finish/effect? It's a problem. A problem for you slightly darker-than-fair ladies to figure out. Let me know what you figure out, because it's a damn good product with a few problematic misjudgements.

DISCLAIMER: Sent for review, longer ago than I care to admit.


  1. Bah! What a shame. Seems like it would have been perfect if the colour was a tad lighter.

  2. Ah! I've been trying this product lately too. I didn't realise that it doesn't have SPF. Thank you for bringing up that point!

    I believe I have the one in medium/dark which is a tad too dark for me.. thank you for the swatches! The product should be a hit for me! ^_^


  3. I would put SPF on underneath and then a really thin layer of base over the top, but you're right, it doesn't make much sense! For people like me with dry skin it's not much of an issue, but for everyone else they might get a bit shiny!

  4. Omg!! I was using this tinted moisturiser a few days ago and remembered your blog post. It DOES have SPF in it! I just realised! I thought I'd drop back to let you know! On the bottom left corner, there's SPF15! ^_^ Yay!! Maybe you won't feel so disappointed!