Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rexona Clinical Protection anti-perspirant deodorant

I've always struggled a little with my underarms. Yes, it's an overshare, but a necessary one. As a teenager, due mostly to hormones, I used to sweat ridiculously, and whilst I wasn't overly smelly or anything, it's made me a bit paranoid ever since. As an adult I don't have much in the way of body odour, but I still sweat a lot. More than a standard deodorant can deal with. I've been using Dove scented ones for donkey's years on account of their lovely smell, but they don't seems to actually stop of the production of sweat. In years gone by I've used mens deoderants in an attempt to halt the sweating a little, but ended up discarding them because they smell SO STRONG. And I don't like smelling like a manly man.

Enter Rexona's Clinical Protection 48 hour anti-perspirant. Don't think I've ever met a 48 hour one before. Seems optimistic.

Firstly you'll notice that they're a.) bigger than a normal deodorant, and b.) they don't disperse product in the same way. I think I prefer this method - you can just wipe over the surface with an anti-bacterial wipe, which you can't with a normal rollerball. It also disperses as a cream, and not a liquid.

Does it stay put for 48 hours? Good lord, yes. Almost to it's detriment. I put some of this on absent-mindedly one morning then remembered I hadn't showered yet, and trying to wash it off me proved nigh on impossible. It stayed put through two gym sessions, two nights sleep, and two showers. It also dries faster, which is awesome because I'm horribly bad at waiting for deodorant to dry.

So what don't I like? Well - the smell is powerful. There's two here, as you can see, and the "Shower Fresh" one (red writing) is merely strongly soapy, which I'm okay with. The "Fragrance Collection" one (purple writing) has a very strong chemical-floral scent, similar to bathroom cleaner. And unlike most normal deodorant smells, it stays around at a similar strength. Granted, you'd have to stick your nose into your armpit to smell it, but the difference is there.
Secondly - pricewise it's about five times more expensive than supermarket deodorants. This doesn't bother me overmuch, though, considering it's doing a good deal more than a normal deodorant, but it's worth knowing.

Would I do it again? Yes. It's the most powerful deodorant I've tried, and you only need to apply it every second day. Sweaty ladies would do very well to try this out - it's one hell of a powerful product, and I'm rather relieved that after about TEN YEARS of sweating like a pig I've finally found something that works.

DISCLAIMER: Provided for review. Bless you Rexona.


  1. Dove do this as well, and the scent is MUCH milder. They have the exact same packaging, too, which I thought was super dodgy until I realised the same company owns Rexona and Dove. I can't remember if the Dove one is cheaper than Rexona... but I've tried both, and the Dove one smells much less perfumey.

  2. I use the shower fresh Rexona too and I love it. It's expensive but I think it's worth it too. I'll have to check out the Dove version.

  3. I´d be interested to know the science behind it, and if there are any long term effects of using those particular chemicals. I use a regular rexona at the moment and when I saw this advertised I was like wow it lasts through the shower ??? ;)

  4. @Jade: Really?? I've never seen them! Must look.

    @Diana: I know what you mean! That's why I stuck the ingredients list up, I've got a handful of readers who are more scientifically minded than I, they might be able to shed some light!

  5. I too was sent this, and like you I've always had a problem with over perspiration! Glad to see this has worked for you too:)

  6. Norsca make a spray on one now too. It smells like their green deodorant (pine fresh) and goes on like it too. Coles sell it for about $7 (you can get it for $5 on special).

    I haven't tried the rexona one (my eldest daughter has and loves is), but I love the norsca one. I'm not particularly sweaty but it's humid where I live and a gym session in 90% humidity can make for some awesome (ahem) armpits! This has yet to let me down. The rest of me might be a sweaty mess but the armpits are dry!