Saturday, March 5, 2011

My sales pitch to MAC - Venomous Villains II

We all fondly remember the Mac Venomous Villains line, and many of us (ME) believe it wasn’t as far reaching as it could have been. Whilst I applauded less obvious choices like Dr Faciliere (who, you say? THIS GUY) I don’t think MAC pushed it far enough. I think the spectrum needed to be broader. And with that in mind, I present to you: My sales pitch for a new, expanded, Mac Disney Villains line!


I’m so amazed that Ursula wasn’t in the original MAC venomous villains line. She was such a no brainer. Colorful, vibrant, exotic, and batshit insane, all things we hope to emulate in a makeup palette. She’s all acids and sparkles, equal parts drag queen and coral reef. I’m borrowing heavily from the theory her design was based on Divine from Pink Flamingos (which I still refuse to watch).

Cephalopod - She IS an octopus, after all. acid lime with a medium shimmer, solid opaque.

Caspian – Sparkling and bottomless. A very dark turquoise/dark green, with a heavy silver shimmer. Translucent with some buildability.

Sargasso – The murky, vegetative ocean. A matte, milky opaque medium turquoise.

Sea Witch – Because heaven forbid we forget who we’re dealing with here. A solid matte red with maximum opacity.

Poor Unfortunate Souls – In honor of one fantastic villain song. A heavy shimmer, mid purple with semi opacity. Can be built.

Divine – A touch of ultra-trashy blue eyeshadow. A solid, acid matte sky blue.


Dude had style, you’ve got to admit it. And he’s obviously no stranger to some artful makeup application. Coupled with a smoldering black-red-ochre scheme and a tingly slithery voice, Jafar was an awesome badass and a total natural for a palette. He’d probably use it too.

Desert Bloom – A heavy shimmer opaque purple, with a bit of a blueish sheen.

Sand – A base color – a pale warm matte creamy yellow.

Vizier – Luxury and decadence. A deep dark solid red with semi-opacity.

Serpentine – Because that voice makes me overly warm. A heavy black shimmer. Can be applied wet as eyeliner, or dry with heavy opacity.

Sunbaked – Where the heat is intense. A deep shimmering brown with solid opacity.

Saffron – Spice and exoticism. A vibrant, matte bazaar-orange with semi opacity.


Oh, my personal favorite Disney villain, and a fun kind of challenge, since you’re average pious god-fearing sixty-something Parisian probably isn’t a natural choice for this kind of thing. But for all the black robes, black horse, lack of iris color (creepy), he was surrounded by color. Be it the red-robed Gregorian choir or the soft purple of Esmeralda’s scarf or the gold of the bells of Notre Dame, Frollo’s backdrop was always vibrant. My absolute favorite babykilling gypsy-lusting fanatic is more muted, as you might expect for a man of his advanced years, but I’ve supplemented it with some touches of luxury (sports some serious hand-jewelry, you might notice) and some notes of his impending doom. Oh, Disney.

Opulence – A tasteful, shimmering soft gold. Semi-opaque.

Hellfire- Opaque hellish matte red. Solid opacity and one serious smack of color.

Parisian Winter – a dove-grey/white, soft and cold. An ideal base color, semi opaque.

Sanctuary – Notre Dame herself. Solid matte slate grey, with semi opacity for building.

Esmeralda – The color of carnal desire. A soft, shimmering, feminine purple with semi-opacity.

Kyrie Eleison – “God have mercy”. A forceful heavy grey/silver shimmer with solid opacity.


The Eartha Kitt-voiced smoky, skeletal and sassy scheming royal offsider (with one hell of a Warburton-voiced toy boy) was done primarily in purples, blacks and blues, but I’m borrowing from the Aztec-sun temple design of the whole movie and loading the palette with shimmering gold/copper metallics. There is nothing about the Yzma design I don’t like. Awesome movie with an incredible amount of style.

Royal Advisor – Power and prestige. A solid matte purple, maximum opacity.

Palace Copper – only the best for the emperor. A max-shimmer copper with thick, creamy application.

Aztec Temple – Old world richness. A max-shimmer bronze with thick, creamy application.

Ambition – Lets face it, this variation of ambition is way feminine. A mid-toned matte blue. Semi-opacity for buildability.

Envy Because envy was never green. A solid opaque lavender with semi opacity. (If there isn’t already an MAC eye color called “Envy”, someone should be shot)

Fool’s Gold – Because she likes to surround herself with handsome buffoons. A knockout golden shimmer with heavy opacity.

I love that there are crossover outlets for both my nerdy-geekiness and my make-up obsession. I WANT THIS LINE TO HAPPEN SO BAD. My love for metallics would have me lining up for a Yzma palette, and I love brights so much the Ursula would win me over. And there's some hotness to be gotten from the Jafar palette, which is only fitting, and I think I could conceive of a office-look with the Frollo palette which could have the small children eying me nervously. MAC, you'd better call me.

Regular programming resuming in 3, 2, 1....


  1. If this were made, it would absolutely be my first MAC purchase. ALL OF THEM, in fact.

  2. seriously, if MAC had the balls to do a Frollo palette I would buy everything they produced ever. You have to support creative insanity.

  3. TOTALLY agree! I would buy EVERYTHING Ursula. I was shocked when she wasn't included. Definitely would rather have her than Dr. Faciliter.

  4. Great post - I would totally buy a Jafar palette.

    And, well, of course Ursula would be snapped up in a millisecond too. That just goes without saying!

  5. I'd definitely go for the Ursula and Yzma :D great ideas yo've got there girly!

  6. This is such a cute post! I would definitely buy Ursula and Yzma! :p

  7. Boo. I just wrote a comment and I think blogger ate it. xP I was going to say, I never would've thought of Frollo and Yzma on my own, though I agree with you that Jafar and Ursula are very obvious choices. Shame they weren't in the VV collection!