Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Empties - when everything runs out at once

Ran out of a few things simultaneously, and totally accidentally happened to have enough on hand to do an Empties post. Usually I take a while to get through a product (exception being Haus of Gloi) so this is a fluke happening, and may not happen again for a while. I'm certainly not the first to do this, others being Beautifully Glossy, The Belle Lumiere and Jade Musing. I'm shamelessly bandwagon hopping.

Garnier CleanSensitive Delicate Eye Make-Up Remover is a star. I've tried a few others which have been similarly impressive, but this is the first one that's a.) had a scent I liked and b.) can take a LOT in the eye and not cry. I managed to accidentally squeeze a solid few drops into my eye once (I'm a genius, yes) and whilst I knew it was there, it didn't pain me and the sensation abated fast. This isn't the separating one I see reviewed a lot recently, this ones a uniform clear liquid, and yes I would buy it again. At full price, even.

Haus of Gloi Reverie Peppermint Cocoa Whipped Cream Soap came and went all too fast. I actually bought it from Kate of My Lips But Better during one of her blog sales, so it'd been used once when I got it and I'm not sure how old it was. It had separated and liquefied a little when I opened it, but in view of all the above variables (plus the filthy heat) I'm not going to point fingers at Gloi. Especially since it's part of the Reverie collection (one off products) so I'll never see more. Whipped Soap is a luxury and a good deal of fun, but I doubt I'd do it again unless the tub was bigger. This little things was sweet and lovely but over far, far too soon. This one passed my "if I offer it to someone to smell, do they go back in for another sniff" test. Boyfriend responded very positively to this fragrance. Peppermint and chocolate, obviously, and very real smelling. Oh, Peppermint Cocoa, we barely knew ye.

St Ives Body Polish Oatmeal and Shea Butter is one big tub of wholesome, oaty goodness. It smells and feels like a little alpine grandmother feeding you sweet porridge in front of a fire on the side of a mountain (this does actually go through my head). In terms of pharmacy/supermarket scrubs, St Ives is far ahead of the pack, both for their famous apricot face scrub and for these hefty, generous tubs of body scrub. I tried their microdermbrasion cream a little while again and have been meaning to go back for more. They just do scrubs so well. It's a real pity there's such extreme competition from Gloi in the floor of my shower. Gloi wins for better post-scrub moisturising, but St Ives really is fantastic whilst waiting for your Gloi package to come from the US. And there's so much of it.

Korres Wild Rose Brightening Serum (sample) I don't think I can say much about. Either it did bugger all or I didn't have enough there to notice any difference. Or else it just all got sweated off and made no difference. I've mentioned its hot here right now, yes? Yes? Good.

Nivea Pure Invisible 24H antiperspirant does the job, and smells nice. It's all you want from a deoderant. I try for the non-white-marks deodorant since I wear so much black. Notice that it's not quite empty? I cannot, for the life of me, get that last lot of deodorant out. It's just not happening, thus I give up and move onto the next one and this becomes an honorary Empty. I like the Niveas for the glass bottle. I don't know, I respond well to glass. And having dropped these on tiles a few times, they aren't very breaky. Luckily.

ModelCo Skin Drink Airbrush Moisturizer is the one and only ModelCo thing I've ever bought, and I'm not in a rush to grab any more. It smells like frangipanis (which I like) and there's a lot in the bottle, but the only reason I managed to empty it is because its an aerosol. Aerosols, you might realize, spray on cold. So this summer I have rocketed through this bottle, ozone layer be damned. It didn't noticeably moisturize or do much of anything, except be blissfully enjoyable to use. I should buy one of those Evian spray waters.

So yes. Soon to be empties include Nivea extra gentle eye make up remover, Elf pressed powder (and I cant find it anywhere! oh noes!), Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, St Ives oatmeal and shea butter shower gel. And almost certainly more I can't think of.


  1. Great post and well done with all those empties! I have a HoG whipped soap on it's way to me now, can't wait for it to arrive.

    Is the ModelCo moisturiser one that you use on the face or the body?

  2. Ugh, everything of mine just ran out too - pressed powder, cleanser, a couple of staple eye shadows. SO annoying, and not easy on the purse strings at all!

  3. The moisturizer is a body one, though it disperses so finely you could probably use it on your face (I didn't try!). Ultimately if your in the middle of summer and you see it cheap you should give it a shot. It's bliss while it lasts.

    Enjoy your whipped soap! I'm waiting on a Gloi order myself!! *hurryupauspost*

  4. I love using products up! I'm also taking part in this prohect as I absolutely have to clear my stash, it's crazy!

    I love your blog name, it instantly made me curious and now I'm following (= x

  5. ha, my blog name is the most obnoxious thing ever XD Welcome!! Following you right back. You were recommended to me by Glossqueen (four posts up!) and Im looking forward to a long day of back-catalogue reading. cheers!