Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthdayface - epic photoheavy blog post


Today I got presents, which is undoubtedly the best bit about birthdays. My family stepped up to the plate with an extremely girly bunch of presents, and I then went forth and came home with a great big pile of "treating myself" shopping. Thus:

Good golly.

I had to sit on the floor to photo document all this stuff, and sitting on the floor in my house is a guaranteed invitation for this:


So it took a fairly long while. All that said, I present to you - My Epic Birthday Haul (tm)!!

Caught up with some special friends last night and ate some awesome food in celebration of my great age. I did all friends present a huge disservice by only telling them about two days/one day before (I couldn't decide if I wanted to or not, okay? back off) and even despite that I got some AWESOME things. Look at these!!

Perth girls will know Pigeonhole - they're basically a gift shop, but a very cool, indie one (with three branches JUST in the Perth CBD? Whats with that?) and these earrings are so awesome. I love everything in their shop, but these in particular I have hmmed and hawwed over and very nearly bought. A triumph of taste, Jess and Grug! Good work!

I ain't showing you what Tegan bought me. It was a generous bundle of things and everything either amused or scandalized me. My family might chance upon this at some point. Let's play it safe. Thank you Tegan (and Maisie!).

My friend Jacinta was present for my highly excitable first experience with Crow Books (talked about it at length over here) and in her infinite wisdom gave me a bookvoucher to spend there. Which I did today! I'm nothing if not speedy when it comes to vouchers. I wish I'd taken a photo of the voucher before I spent it :(

This is a collection of prints by Dave Eggers, writer and (in this case) author/philosopher. I talked about this set in great length in the Crow Books post. They tickle me in all the right ways.

I also purchased the incredible James Jean's art collection, called Kindling (also talked about in the other post...) which is heart stopping and wonderful on so many levels.

Thanks Jacinta! You and I need to get some more girly enabling happening.
My family on the other hand have no trouble enabling my girlier side. If nothing else they shoot over the edge and gift me things I'd never in a MILLION years choose for myself - but I like.
My family gift this year was from the almighty Cath Kidston.

Yumm, beige.

The majority of my travelling is just bouncing from west to east coast, so a solid hand-luggage-only bag is a must. My old one was getting a bit sad. Enter Cath Kidston, and this extremely floral addition to my luggage collection. There's a shoulder strap if I need it, and it's a good deal bigger than I think it looks in this photo.

And here's a cosmetic/toiletries bag. And oh my, is it pink. Perfect size and will last me forever, though. And look what came with it!

Make up brushes!! I never have enough brushes. That said I think I'm going to proceed with caution with these ones, since they seem a little closer to paintbrushes in look and feel than normal make up brushes. I shall report back.

My mother and sisters are far better clothes shoppers than I (all my money goes to cosmetics and accessories...) so they tend to usually buy me something clothesish just so my wardrobe comes away a little better each birthday. This years shop of choice was Gorman!

Seriously, I don't understand how this works. I would look at this on a hanger and go - meh, but when someone else has picked it out, I'm suddenly awed at the awesomeness. I'm a herd animal, obviously. The maroonish thing to the right is a plain t shirt (also Gorman) intended to be worn with the cardigan. Little hot for me to model it right now.

Not pictured on this post, and my other big family present is a new computer chair. A SPINNY ONE. With padding and stuff. I'm currently writing from a wooden chair and boy I've been hanging out for a decent one. And its red and white. Yep, I'm practical.

So Luke and I went shopping today, so I could spend a bunch of money on myself and he could spend a bunch on me (he's actually already bought my birthday present (plane tickets to Melbourne for Supanova!!), but he was feeling gifty and wanted to buy something for the day itself, lucky me). We headed up to Garden City in Booragoon because I am itching to get some Inglot happening for myself, since the last time I put together an Inglot palette the only option was the black plastic case and since then they've done something very special.

I spent what must have been a very slow twenty minutes (for Luke) or so selecting what I wanted, and ended up borrowing some ideas from the Ursula Palette (the Venomous Villains post!) to round out my choices. Luke is fairly good with this stuff, more so than you're average boy. He will venture opinions, which is handy because when I'm presented with too many options I short circuit and buy lots of greens.

I love the new Inglot palette design. I LOVE it. It's glossy and heavy and slick and looks way more expensive than it actually is. This palette set Luke back $85. Makes me cry a little because I've gotten used to online/US cosmetic prices, but it's still less than 10 bucks an eyeshadow and the packaging is luscious. I really want more. I REALLY want more.

Basically ended up with four gold/coppers, a silver and a dark grey/silver, and four knockout brights. Those who read often will remember that I cry myself to sleep over my lack of a perfect opaque lilac. What you see above is the most pigmented crazy lilac ever. This palette will have a separate post later. I love this beyond belief and cannot WAIT to buy a stack more.

Headed down to Lush whilst Luke went to look at mannish things (like video games). There was stuff happening in Lush. One of the girls was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, another was Joan Jett, another was - god knows what (something punky), and there was cordial and cookies and lollies and fairybread out - and they'd set up a bowling alley with bottles of shower gel as the pins and one of their bath bombs as the bowling ball. It was crazy in there. I had a rather lovely time and managed to have decent conversations with all three of these ladies at some point. When I moved house I lost my bath (waaah) and since I'd only been using Lush for bath bombs up until that point, I thought I'd try their skincare stuff. Behold!

Since they tend not to load up on preservatives the face mask (littlest tub) will only last for three weeks, and I need to keep it in the fridge. The pricing for Lush is weird and nonsensical. These were all approx 20 each, and yet there were face moisturizers that went for 100 bucks for a 75ml bottle, massive tubs of cream for thirty... it's weird. That said the expensive moisturiser felt mighty good on my hand. Sigh. So I came away with the Breath of Fresh Air face toner, the Volcano foot treatment and the Sacred Truth face mask. Blog on these forthcoming!

Peter Alexander do pajamas, and they do WONDERFUL pajamas. I haven't bought a non-PA set of nightwear for about six years. And my current summer nightie was looking a little sad, so I thought it might be a nice time to buy something frilly and night-ish.

I love the packaging on PA stuff. I always feel like I'm getting something really special and exclusive when I open up their stuff.

Damn it was hard to get a photo of this without Frank walking on it.

I ain't modeling this either. It's really quite slinky, but very comfortable and nicely made. I nearly got a dressing gown instead (we're actually starting to get some coolish nights) but I was dissuaded by the fact that it's very hard to get a warm dressing gown for women. They're never full length or made of full material. This is why I wore a horrendous granny dressing gown for about three years. Maybe things will change closer to the cooler seasons.

So after this we decided to go to Carousel, a twenty minute drive away because my hunger was not sated. Also I wanted to visit a Gloss (based on a certain Jade C's suggestion) and this is the only one I know about. Behold!

Paid $25 for this bundle. I felt American for about 30 seconds.

I was after the BYS Cracked in black so I could do a comparing post with OPI Black Shatter. They had a stack of other Cracked colors too, but since in my mind BYS has always been assosciated with cheap crap (based on nothing but price, mind you) I didn't want to load up. Revlon however I have no qualms about. Ye Olde Faithful. and they were going for $5 each. And I LOVE that lime green/yellow. The other is a straight clear varnish, though I wonder if there's a difference between clear varnish and top coat. Thoughts? I wouldn't put it past them to label it differently just because. The two baked shadows I thought I'd just grab to give them a shot. the pale one is actually a pretty vibrant gold. I'm hoping to have a very underdog-makes-good story to tell about those. C'mon, BYS, you can do it.
Beyond the things I bought, I was pretty impressed by Gloss! They had CK foundation! (I very nearly did. May do later). They had BYS contact lenses is crazy colors - I've never tried colored lenses, and I'm very tempted to Manson it up for some event. I'm a bit ugh about Chi Chi (tacky), but they had an almighty collection of it and if I can get past my prejudices that might be worth investigating. Thing is with Gloss (and it's my issue with Diva as well) : it's always packed. With teenage girls. And I hate teenage girls. No, cancel that - I hate packs of teenage girls. The decibel level is horrible, there's no spacial awareness so they constantly barrel into you, the things they talk about make you want to tear your ovaries out. It's rough. Luke followed me in and had to plead for escape (he waited outside). I'd like to look closer when it's quieter. There were whole rows I didn't see because I would have had to wade through walls of pure estrogen and Impulse body spray to get through.

Oh man! Did you make it that far? I'm so impressed. So THAT was my birthday. Having dinner with my family tomorrow, and then life moves on. Until the next birthday, at which point I may cry, and then have a big party. So much blogging to do from this haul! Good jiminy. Cheers for wading through it with me!


  1. Massively awesome birthday haul! Your Inglot palette in particular looks fabulous - will you be swatching it so the rest of us can die from envy?

    I'm interested to hear how you go with the black BYS crackle wotsit. Noodle Arms bought some of that and hers was a dud but I don't know if it was just that particular bottle.

  2. most certainly I'll be swatching, and I'll do a few eyes for it as well. I'm planning to wring as much out of that one as I possibly can. It's just the best thing ever.
    I'm highly cynical about the BYS Cracked, but - equal opportunity and all. will be a major upset if it matches/outshines OPI.

  3. You lucky girl! Those are all gorgeous gifts however I love the floral luggage's bee-you-tiful!

  4. Happy belated birthday! You scored good!

    There's a Gloss in Perth CBD just outside of Myer, and one in Midland Gate as well. So next time you go to Pigeonhole you can make a stop :P uuuuugh I love Pigeonhole so much.

    Holy carbuncles woman am I jealous of your Inglot! I must get me to a Garden City so I can drool over some in person.

    Chi Chi = gross.
    BYS = hit and miss. Some of their stuff is suprisingly good and some of it is like, "Yeah I can tell I paid under five bucks for this".

  5. There's a Inglot in Karrinyup as well. Same deal, it's one of the mall-island stores. Neither are particularly close to me :p
    I will check out the perth Gloss. I really just need to find a time where its less congested and I don't want to strangle everyone.
    I had ChiChi lip gloss pots when I was teenage, I remember them being decent, but I have become more discerning since... And BYS I used to get eyshadows in my stocking at Christmas O_O they were always powdery and crappy. These ones I got today though are baked (what does that actually mean??) and its been a fair few years so I'm hoping they've lifted their game.

  6. This is an awesome birthday haul! And I love Frank! I'm so looking forward to the related posts on all of this. You'll be set for quite some time! x

  7. Awesome birthday loot, particularly envious of your awesome Inglot palette and books, girl you've got great taste :)

  8. @Demps - course you do, he's got the same boof-tiny legs ratio as a sheep. :p

    Jadegrrrl - why THANK you. I'm due an Ikea trip for a stack of frames. a STACK of frames. weee!

  9. LOVE the gorman cardi and the travel bag. What a fantastic bunch of presents! Happy birthday!